I cannot thank the band and Carla & J'sun enough for making my 40th birthday celebration an amazing and memorable event...I will never forget it and you all will always be close to my heart...”

— Patricia H., Birthday Client

Carla, PMP®

Business Development Director

Carla, our Business Development Director, is not only a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) but also a technology enthusiast with a genuine passion for steering projects across diverse industries. Her dedication to staying abreast of emerging trends in the music industry allows her to foster invaluable connections and collaborate with the Déja Grüv team.

As a key player in expanding the Déja Grüv Brand, Carla focuses on cultivating partnerships and securing new business opportunities. Her expertise spans events of all scales, from intimate personal gatherings to large-scale corporate affairs, not-for-profit functions, and community engagements. Carla is committed to delivering professional services tailored to Déja Grüv's clients, ensuring their individual needs are met with precision.

For a customized solution that guarantees your optimal satisfaction, reach out to Carla today. Elevate your upcoming event with the Déja Grüv touch under her expert guidance.


Audio/Video Recording & Mastering Engineer 

Meet Brad, our seasoned Audio/Video Recording & Mastering Engineer, bringing over 25 years of expertise in recording, producing, mixing, and mastering. As the executive sound engineer for three distinguished studios, Brad has consistently led the industry, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to elevate the recording experience.

With a remarkable portfolio, Brad has mixed and recorded Grammy-nominated songs for renowned artists such as The Winans, Joe Jackson, and Rickey McCrimmon. His live sound mixing credits include iconic names like Stevie Wonder, Sandi Patty, Larnell Harris, William Becton, and many more.

On the video front, Brad has produced feature-length films and live concert DVDs, showcasing his comprehensive skills in live sound, camera operation, and overall production. His ingenuity extends to designing and constructing a 20′ camera crane, emphasizing his commitment to innovation.

From music mixing, recording, and audio editing to video production, editing, and Dolby Surround soundtracks, Brad's diverse skills set him apart. His passion for embracing new video technologies has led him to pioneer innovative techniques for band promotional videos, resulting in extraordinary end products.

Thrilled to be part of the Déja Grüv family, Brad is eager to collaborate with this exceptional team. Together, they aim to revolutionize live music experiences in the DMV and beyond, setting new standards on a global scale!


Professional Keyboardist & MUSIC DIrECTOR

Introducing Ernest, our esteemed Professional Keyboardist & Music Director, whose musical journey began under the guidance of his grandmother. With over 50 years as a church musician, she ignited Ernest's passion for the piano, becoming his first teacher at the age of 9.

Under his grandmother's mentorship, Ernest took the helm as a choir pianist at the age of 11. Eager to refine his skills, he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Engineering from Hampton University. Ernest's musical style is a unique blend of Gospel, Classical, and R&B genres, characterized by a smooth, pleasing, and intricate approach.

With a strong work ethic and the ability to captivate audiences with harmonious melodies, Ernest interned with the national recording group Boyz II Men, standing out among his peers. Throughout his illustrious 30-year career, he has showcased his talents as a drummer, organist, pianist, choral conductor, and now proudly serves as the Music Director for the Déja Grüv Band.