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Grüv News - July 2024 Newsletter: Uncover seven valuable life lessons from our founder, designed to inspire and guide. Discover the revolutionary world of Dolby Atmos for an unparalleled music experience. Learn about our Government Package and how live music elevates official functions. Plus, get ready for summer with our patriotic playlist! Don't miss out—read the full newsletter for all the details!

Grüv News - June 2024 Newsletter: Explore inspiring stories, discover our non-profit music package, and get grüving with our Afrobeats playlist. Plus, read a heartfelt tribute to the incredible fathers in our lives. Don't miss our tips on combating Energy Transmitted Disease (ETS) and the power of self-care. 

Grüv News - May 2024 Newsletter: Embrace creativity, celebrate summer, and honor our heroes! May's newsletter is here with inspiration and excitement. From overcoming self-doubt to innovative creativity and a heartfelt tribute to Memorial Day, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Check it out now! 

Grüv News - April 2024 Newsletter: This month, we're embracing renewal and cosmic wonders, from planning unforgettable birthday bashes to safely enjoying the upcoming eclipse. In this edition, we highlight our birthday package services, discuss safety tips for the April 8th eclipse, and showcase our band's Seamless Versatility, offering exceptional experiences tailored to our clients' needs. Here's to a month filled with joy, inspiration, and cosmic wonders!

Grüv News - March 2024 Newsletter: In this month's edition, we embraced the spirit of spring. From a personal note from the founder highlighting the beauty of change to an exploration of extraordinary musicality in our VIP live music experience, we've celebrated the vibrancy of the season. With an energizing Country Jam playlist to accompany your spring cleaning and a powerful quote reminding us to seize every opportunity, this newsletter has been a celebration of new beginnings and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Grüv News - February 2024 Newsletter: Our February Newsletter is here, and it's packed with love, music, and celebration! Dive into heartfelt messages, discover the latest updates, and join us in honoring Black History Month. From self-love to chart-topping playlists, there's something for everyone! 

Grüv News - January 2024 Newsletter: Welcome to the January newsletter! Join us as we kick off the year with a burst of energy and enthusiasm, ready to be explored in every section of our January newsletter. Uncover the band's aspirations for 2024, immerse yourself in a unique promo experience, unravel a mysterious riddle, and respond to a special request in this edition of Grüv News. 

Grüv News - December 2023 Newsletter: Celebrate the joy of the season with Déja Grüv Band's December newsletter. From our heartwarming founder's message to holiday traditions, a cozy personal tradition, a curated playlist, and an inspiring quote, we're here to make your December even more special.

Grüv News - November 2023 Newsletter: In the November edition of this newsletter, we express our heartfelt gratitude for a productive year, our amazing team, and our cherished clients. We introduce you to the remarkable individuals who make Déja Grüv Band what it is. Plus, don't miss our seasonal playlist and inspirational music quote.

Grüv News - October 2023 Newsletter: Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of music with Déja Grüv Band, where we shine a spotlight on the captivating allure of live music for private events. Prepare to sway to the rhythms of our specially curated MOTOWN playlist, and uncover valuable tips for success, along with crucial red flags to keep in mind when selecting a live band for your next event. 

Grüv News - September 2023 Newsletter: Step into the vibrant world of September with our newsletter, where we journey through the power of music's resilience. Discover the extraordinary talents of Déja Grüv Band, bringing enchanting melodies to all your events’ needs. Immerse yourself in the allure of BLUES music, and grüv to our curated playlist celebrating the essence of September

Grüv News - August 2023 Newsletter: We're thrilled to present our August newsletter, featuring exciting updates! Explore our exclusive VIP service for esteemed clients, discover five compelling reasons that set us apart, and enjoy a JAZZY playlist with timeless melodies. Planning an event? Let us cater to your needs, ensuring an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Join our exclusive community and elevate your experience with us!

Grüv News - July 2023 NewsletterGet ready to grüv your way into the sunny days of July with the first edition of Grüv News! As the temperature rises and the Fourth of July festivities approach, we're here to bring you music tips and exciting updates to make your summer even more memorable. Go ahead and dive in!

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Step into the spotlight with Déja Grüv's "In the News" section, a curated collection of articles and interviews shining a light on our musical journey. Explore insightful write-ups, captivating features, and interviews with local news agencies that capture the essence of Déja Grüv. From noteworthy performances to the heartbeat of our band's story, this section keeps you informed and engaged with the latest media coverage. Immerse yourself in the acclaim and discover why Déja Grüv is making headlines. Stay tuned for updates that chronicle our musical presence in the spotlight!