artists BIO

Jessica – Vocalist & Brand Manager

Born into foster care but adopted into a family with a musical background, Jessica is a talented singer and songwriter. She has penned an incredible library of tunes that captivates her listeners’ imagination. Jessica knew from a very young age that this form of expression would always hold a special place in her heart. She became inspired to sing at the age of 4, and to play the piano, drums, viola, and clarinet before she was 10. She believes music provides an escape that is so beneficial for the true soul. “The reason I sing and write now is because it brings a fire and passion that nothing else brings. My love for expression and for our community shines through every note I write and sing.” 

J-Fields – Vocalist & Talent Scout

J-Fields, is a vocalist as well as a known musical enthusiast who is inspired by the sounds of live instrumentation and the creativity of alternative musical sounds. He is most known for his work in the choir of Strong Tower Ministries as a praise team leader and for his role singing in different gospel and secular vocal groups. His aspiration for leading in the music world drive him for bigger and better opportunities to impact future generations. His love for people also drives him to help others find happiness through music. “At the end of it all, I want people to fall in love with the process and to find happiness for whatever their niche is in life. If I can show them that through the power of music...then I’ve done my job.”

D’Wayne – Drummer

Known for his strong pocket D’Wayne is one of the most versatile drummer in the DC area. He is skilled in a variety of music genre including Gospel, Jazz, and GoGo, a popular music style in the Washington DC area. Noticing his natural ability and inclination, his mother supported his artistic aspirations and penchant for percussion by gifting him with his very own drum set at the age of 12. D’Wayne began to pursue drumming in earnest. With a never ending appetite toward perfection, he was relentless in his drive to master this new found passion. He devoted countless hours mastering and perfecting his skills and soon gained a reputation as a top young drummer. As a dedicated member of his church, he had the privilege to perform professionally with several bands and artists such as Tyrone Powell, Bryan Popin, and Micah Stampley. He also drummed on many projects over the years, and completed several live church recordings and studio sessions with local artists. Despite his artistic achievements, D’Wayne remains very humble. He is driven to improve daily, and by so doing, hope to encourage those he meets to also strive to be better.

Ernest – Keyboardist

Ernest’s earliest musical influences originated with his grandmother. With a remarkable career as a church musician for over 50-years, she inspired Ernest to learn to play the piano. She also served as his first piano teacher when he was 9. Under his grandmother’s tutelage, Ernest was ready to lead his first choir as a pianist a mere 2-years later. To optimize his skills and polish his performance abilities, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Engineering from Hampton University. “My unique music style combines Gospel, Classical and R&B musical genres.” Ernest uses a distinctive approach that is smooth, pleasing, and intricate in musicality. Because of his grandmother; strong work ethic and unparalleled ability to mesmerize his audience with harmonious melodies, he was selected from among his peers to intern with national recording group Boyz II Men. With over 30-years of experience as a professional musician, Ernest has served as a drummer, organist, pianist, choral conductor, and music director throughout his distinctive career.

Carla – Business Development Director

Carla is a certified Project Manager Professional and Event Planner. She secures and coordinates live performances for the Déja Grüv band. Whether small, or large-scale, from intimate personal events, to corporate, not-for-profit, or community engagements, she offers professional services to help meet your individual talent needs. Contact her today to discuss your upcoming event and she will work with you to tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.